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Teen Depression

Feeling sad is a natural human emotion all of us experience occasionally. We’ve all had those days where we’ve felt depressed and didn’t want to talk to anybody. But when a young person is constantly feeling sad, lonely and depressed, there is probably a much deeper issue. Teen depression is one of the most common problems for many young addicts in Toledo. It’s much more than just feeling sad. Depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain which affects thousands of young people throughout Ohio. If left untreated, it can eventually manifest into physical pain and even shut down a person’s ability to function. Even the simplest tasks, such as getting out of bed in the morning, can seem almost impossible. When combined with a drug or alcohol addiction, teen depression can be a deadly combination. It’s vital to get help right away from a youth rehab center. To find the best help available, call the Troubled Teens Toledo helpline right away.

Depression, like many other mental disorders, is often misunderstood. Some parents mistakenly believe their child is just going through a phase and will grow out of it. It’s also a very difficult illness to diagnose. Not everyone who is feeling sad may be suffering from depression. But when it comes to this debilitating condition, it’s better to be safe than sorry because the consequences can be deadly. If you believe your child has depression, call the Troubled Teens Toledo and discuss the problem with our representatives. Operators are standing by at all hours to address any questions or concerns pertaining to teenage substance abuse and teen depression treatment. The certified addiction professionals at adolescent treatment facilities utilize the latest techniques of dual diagnosis which allows them to address a patient’s addiction and mental health issues simultaneously. 

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is never easy. But it’s even more challenging when compounded with depression. But with help from the caring addiction specialists at youth rehab center, recovery is always an option. Call the Troubled Teens Toledo helpline today at (419) 949-4890 or send an email to for more information.

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